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Web Hosting News

A LiveChat option added to the Control Panel
No need to worry about the 'heartbleed' issue with us
Daily backups now in your Control Panel
5 GB of free VPN access now in the Control Panel
ModSecurity will now prevent brute force attacks
PHP 5.5.5 and PHP 5.4.21 are now available
InnoDB is now available
UK servers moved to a improved cloud hosting platform
Wildcard SSL certificates are now available
A new cloud hosting platform in our US data center
Moodle version updated to 2.4.1
Video Tutorials available in the Control Panel
Varnish web accelerator now in the Control Panel
Happy Holidays, dear friends
OpenCart shopping solution updated to the latest stable version
US Data Center Network Update
WordPress and Joomla updated to the latest stable versions
Memcached Available in Hepsia Control Panel
Phone Outage
Major hosting platform update for users in the Peer1 Data Center
NodeJS Available in Hepsia Control Panel
The Control Panel Menu Updated
Recent Service interruption
RAM upgrade on supremecenter16.co.uk - 30 minutes downtime
7 ways to speed up a WordPress blog
SupremeCenter300.com server outage
Network performance boost
Network issue
SiteStudio Migration
Upcoming HDD replacement on supremecenter30.com
Handling duplicate content in your website
.CN TLD registrations temporarily disabled
Online security - prevent your site from being hacked
Control Panel updated - Video tutorials included
Scheduled server maintenance
PHP Settings section gets a major update
Upcoming HDD replacement on supremecenter54.com
Spamhaus blacklist removed
Outgoing email problems - blacklisted at Spamhaus
Holiday Schedule of Our Technical Support Team
Unique Elefante Toolbar Introduced In Customers' Control Panel
URL Redirect Tool Introduced in our Web Hosting Control Panel
SiteStudio Website Design Tool - Now Latest Version Available
Elefante Installer - New Scripts Update
New File Manager Major Update - Version 2.01 Released
Domain Manager Updates
FREE Elefante Script Installation With Each Newly Ordered Web Hosting Plan
New File Manager Now Online!
Maintenance - HardDrive Change
PHP v6 Support Now Available on All Servers!
VAT Registration Official Date Scheduled
Elefante Installer Scripts Updates
Bright New File Manager - Coming Shortly!
Chinese Language Now Available in the Control Panel
Upcoming VAT registration - Detailed Overview
Slightly Changed Pricing Policy of Few TLDs
SupCenter10.co.uk - Successful Pre-Upgrade Stage Passed!
SupCenter55.com - Urgent Data Transfer Maintenance
SupCenter10.co.uk - Pre-Upgrade Maintenance Scheduled
2007 - A Retrospective Look Back
VAT Registration - Coming Shortly!
An Enhanced List of TLDs Now Available at Sign Up!
Update of Custom DNS Records Section Made
PHP Upgrade to All Servers Scheduled
Round Cube Webmail Software Launched
Substantial Hardware Upgrade of SC301.com to be Performed
PHP Upgrade of SupremeCenter7 and 47 Servers
Upgrade of SC301 to be Re-scheduled
.DE Domains Available for Registration and Management
SupremeCenter7 - Urgent Maintenance Scheduled
SC301.com to Undergo Maintenance
.COM.MX Extension Added to the Domain List
.EU Added to the Domain Extension List
.ME.UK Domains Available Now, .EU and .DE Coming Soon!
UK and CA Domain Names Have Just Been Made Available
SupremeCenter44 - Maintenance Scheduled
SupCenter10.co.uk to undergo maintenance
SupremeCenter Servers 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 to Undergo Maintenances
SupremeCenter41, 44 and 45 Servers Passed Emergency Maintenance
Maintenances of SupremeCenter8 and SupremeCenter27 on October 9th
Server Maintenance on SupremeCenter10 and SupremeCenter11
SupremeCenter6 and SupremeCenter27 - Maintenance Scheduled
Htaccess Code Generator has been Included in the Web Hosting Control Panel
Romanian Language in the Control Panel Now
Setup New Account from Your Control Panel
Elefante Free Scripts Installer 2.0 is Online
SupremeCenter12 and SupremeCenter27 - Maintenance Shifted
SupremeCenter12 and SupremeCenter27 - Maintenance Scheduled
Maintenance of SupremeCenter5 and 27 Completed
Maintenance of SupremeCenter5 and SupremeCenter27
Customize 400, 401, 403 and 404 Error Pages
HDD Problem on SupremeCenter9.com
System Update of SupremeCenter21.com
New TLDs For Domain Registration / Transfer
Change Plan Section - New Design
WHOIS / ID Protect Service Available
Servers Migration to a New Rack
2 new super servers are online - SupremeCenter49 and SupremeCenter50
The new Domain Manager is online!
The new Domain Manager is coming soon! So watch out for some action!
Custom php.ini configuration is available!
New Quad Core server added - SupremeCenter48 is online
Recent Service Problems
New section PHP Settings has been introduced!
False security email scam
Dutch language added to the Control Panel.
New Quad Core server added - SupremeCenter45 is online
New server added - SupremeCenter44 is online
SPF Protection ensures your Internet privacy!
New features in Domain Manager
New server added - SupremeCenter43 is online
Allowed CPU usage has been increased!
Web Hosting Control Panel v1.2 has just been released!
New server added - SupremeCenter42 is online
Bulk domain name registrations and transfers
Domain registrations/transfers temporary unavailable!
New features in the hosting Control Panel!
Spam/junk e-mail blocking system improvements UPDATED
New server added - SupremeCenter38 is online
New server added - SupremeCenter36 is online
New Webmail installed
New server added - SupremeCenter35 is online
Control Panel v1.0 RC1 has just been launched!
SupremeCenter34 went Live!
SupremeCenter31 and SupremeCenter32 have gone Live
New Server Available
Our newest server is a fact already
Kernel update procedure
New Server Added
Server 20 Customers Moved to New Server
Data Center Scheduled Quarterly Server Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance on SupremeCenter6.com
Addition of New Server Names and Settings
MySQL and PHP Updates
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Server Maintenance
Service Upgrades Quantity Increased
Another Server Added to Our Network
Maintenance on Server 21 Completed Successfully.
Scheduled Maintenance on Server 21
Maintenance on Server 20 Completed Successfully.
Scheduled Maintenance on Server 20
New Server Introduced
PHP Updated to Version 4.4
Another Server Launched
Linux Library Upgrade
Linux Kernel Upgrade on SupremeCenter21
New Server Added to Our Network
Major software updates
Server Upgrade
New Server Launched
PHP5 test version
Automated Script Installer Available
Free scripts added
SupremeServer20 Maintenance Procedure Completed Successfully
SupremeServer20 Maintenance Rescheduled
SupremeServer20 Maintenance
New server in action
New Improvements Added to Web Hosting Control Panel
Upcoming new server
Spam protection and E-Mail filters added
Network maintenance scheduled for 5/11/2004
Anti-virus protection added on all SupremeServer servers
Servers maintance scheduled for 4/18/2004
Hardware upgrade of SupremeServer10 completed.
Access and error logs
Load average table added
New supreme server added
New server added
Access and error logs
Custom MX and A records.
SSL certificate generation
OS Commerce and formmail scripts sending problem

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